Web Warranty


All Glasswashers, Dishwashers and Icemakers purchased online

from Amber is automatically covered by a one-year parts and labour

warranty. (12 months from delivery date) .

Should any part fail (see exceptions) within the first year, we will

attend and repair your machine.

All Icemakers are covered by a one year parts and labour warranty

All other equipment is covered by a one year back to base/manufacturer warranty

*Carriage costs are not covered by the warranty.


Amber`s warranty does not extend to parts failure in the following circumstances:

  • Failure caused by misuse or abuse. The user manual provided with each machine clearly explains how it should be fitted, set-up and operated.

  • Failure arising from incorrect installation, installed/operated in high or low temperatures, inadequate maintenance, or incorrect use. Again, please refer to the user manual for information on how to use and look after your machine.

  • Missing or loose components i.e. nuts, bolts, screws. These should be checked by the user on a regular basis to prevent problems arising.

  • Damage to the compression tubes in peristaltic detergent pumps and components in rinse aid injectors caused by incompatible detergents/rinse aids, or by allowing the machine to run without an adequate supply of detergent or rinse-aid.

  • Damage caused by chemical companies external dosers

  • Damage caused by scale build-up, or incorrect water pressure.

  • Damage caused by items in drain & wash pumps.

  • Damage caused by overloading, adapting and or modifying.

  • Damage caused by other companies add-on equipment and or components.